Waleed Youssry

CEO and Head Of Design – Webkeyz


Waleed gained exposure to a wide spectrum of clients and industries
throughout his 20 years of work. He was hired by renowned clients such
as Coca-Cola, The British Council, P&G and Crédit Agricole, among
others. Throughout his career, he has designed and managed more than
140 projects targeting a diverse range of media (web, desktop, and
mobile). His experience spans across graphic, interaction, and user
experience design. He Waleed launched his own company,
Webkeyz, in 2009. Focusing solely on UX and digital product design,
Webkeyz has a vision to help businesses deliver products that people
love to use. In April 2016, Waleed became the first Google Design Expert in the
Middle East. He’s also a Design Sprint Master and has been asked to
conduct design sprints across different countries such as Tunisia, Saudi
Arabia, and Lebanon.


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