Nils Oud

Agile Coach & Transformation Consultant at  Incrementor


Agile Coach & Transformation Consultant at  Incrementor, as well as a Certified Professional Trainer for, the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe and the IC Agile Institute.
Prior to Incrementor, in his positions as Agile Delivery Manager and Tribe Lead, Nils founded and managed dozens of Scrum teams, which allows him to bring that unique on-the-job experience into his training and consulting services.
Nils is truly passionate about Agile and the people and companies he works with. This shows in different ways, for example:
1.    He co-authored with Joe Krebs the  Incrementor Agile Transformation KATA, which has led to the successful Certified Agile Transformation Coach training;
2.    He manages large agile communities and  conferences, such as Agile Amsterdam and Agile Munich. He has been doing that for four years in a row now!
3.    In 2018, Nils achieved his MBA at the Nyenrode University with the thesis ‘Scrum in the classroom’. His thesis proofed the enormous positive impact Scrum, as a learning method, can have on students, teachers, and school boards.
4.    In 2020, he founded with Joe Krebs Incrementor’s Agile Learning platform. This platform allows Incrementor to scale their experience and knowledge to a wider audience.


Demystifying Agile Transformations
Time: 3:00 -4:30 pm
Creating highly performing teams and high quality software delivery cycles are known as (Agile transformations) are the major vehicles for growth and sustainable success. The panel will bring you Agile Transformation Gurus from the heart of different sizes organizations (Corporate, Startups and diversified environments) to discuss the art of Agile transformation with all its technical, emotional and cultural aspects.

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19 Sep 2020
10:00 AM

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