Mohamed Bassem

Software Engineer @ Facebook


I joined Facebook as a software engineer 3.5 years ago. For the last 2.5 years, I’ve been working on a distributed log storage system called LogDevice. Before Facebook, I interned in different companies in Egypt and Germany playing both SWE and SRE roles.


On queues, logs, and pub/subs

Queue, logs and pub/subs, can you tell the difference? Kafka, SQS, Kinesis, PubNub, LogDevice, RabbitMQ, and etc. It can be confusing to decide which system or tool to use for the task at hand. In this talk, we’re going to demystify, decompose, and discuss the different use-cases and how each would fit into your system design. Some of these might be more familiar than you think, deeply rooted into the history of software design and in every day systems.

We take a deep-dive approach starting from traditional software design principles and scaling up to tackle distributed systems challenges. Discussing the fundamental design goals of each pattern without going into the details of the specific implementations. Regardless of the choice of the technology.

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