Abid Quereshi

Agile Software Development Consultant and Trainer


Agile Software Development Consultant and Trainer helping companies realize business goals through software for over 20 years. Full life-cycle experience: team-building, requirements analysis, planning, software and process engineering, architecture and integration with legacy enterprise systems.
Abid incorporates lean and problem-centric approaches, addressing immediate business needs and overall technology vision. He is dedicated to continuous improvement has a keen interest in eliminating waste throughout the software development lifecycle.
Abid’s breadth of experience enables him to relate to a wide range of business and IT professionals.


The Forgotten Key To Agility
Agile Circle


Our industry is full of promises of greater agility through scaling frameworks, coaching and consulting. However this was not the original focus of the Agile Software Development movement that emerged from the 90’s. On the contrary, this movement was fueled by a frustration with the same, heavy-weight processes and top-down consulting that are sold along with all things “Agile” today. What freed us from these heavyweight processes? The answer lies in technical excellence and good design. This talk explains how one technology breakthrough triggered the Agile Software Development movement.

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